How Fad Diets do More Harm Than Good

Look in any newspaper or gossip magazine and you will see another celebrity pushing a new fad diet. They come in all sorts of odd shapes and sizes, from only eating green coloured food through to the more popular ‘cabbage soup diet’.

But such diets are actually dangerous, and often won’t lose you weight.  They take a single piece of information and base an entire diet around it.  But the body doesn’t work in isolation, it needs a lot of things to keep it going… which is why you should focus more on changing your eating habits to be more healthy and less on the fad diets.

Why Fad Diets Are Dangerous

Any diet that has you cutting our certain food types, or only eating set foods, should be given careful consideration.  Because the body doesn’t work in isolation what you put into it will react together – and is often needed.

As an example consider calcium. We know calcium is important for things like bone density – those who are likely to suffer from problems with weak bones are advised to take more calcium from sources such as milk – but the amount of calcium we absorb is actually decided by our magnesium levels, so simply getting more calcium without increasing magnesium won’t have much effect.

It is this sort of balance within the body that many fad diets don’t consider.  Because they simply look at ‘your body needs x so give it x, they don’t see the bigger picture.  And of course that is for those diets that consider anything other than how few calories you can eat – and those diets are very dangerous, they can even compromise your immune system.

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