5 Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated to Lose Weight

Deciding that you are going to lose weight is an easy decision to make – many of us want to lose at least a few lbs so it is no thought at all to decide that we are going to make the effort to lose it now.  But the problem doesn’t come from your initial motivation, it comes from what follows. 

Not liking what you weight, how you look is enough of a spur to trigger the initial thought process, to lead you to starting a weight loss journey.  But for many people who want to lose weight that initial trigger will only provide them with the momentum to try lose weight for a week or two. 

This is no surprise, weight loss is hard, it takes sacrifice – you can’t simply do what you want and lose weight.  In fact it was probably doing so that gained you the weight in the first place!  What you need to do is find triggers and motivation to get you passed the first couple of weeks. 

Motivational Triggers 

1. An old favourite, but one that works, is the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo’s – or in this case just the before one.  Take a photo of yourself (possibly naked if you have a partner you can disrobe in front of) and pin it to the fridge or anywhere you think appropriate.  If you dislike your figure at the moment it will remind you just why you are putting the effort to lose weight in.

2. Join a club.  Weight watchers, for example, works for a reason – because being with others going through the same thing motivates us.  By going to a club you become responsible to others for your weight loss, you have to tell them why you failed to lose weight, if you do.

3. Work with a partner.  For much the same reason that joining a club works working with a partner does to, only it is more intimate and friendly (a partner could be a friend or family member).  You will often get competitive and try ‘beat’ what the other is losing.

4. Spend money.  Not for everyone this, but if you are spending money on trying to lose weight – on gym membership, clubs, membership sites etc, you will be more inclined to make that money worthwhile, to show it was well spent.

5. Set goals.  By setting numerous, small goals, you get in the habit of trying to ‘out do yoursef’, to beat the goals and deadlines you put in place.  Losing 4 stone is not an achievable goal quickly, and could put you off.  Losing 3lbs in a week though is a target you  might reasonably set yourself (depending on your weight) – and then you can set another for the next week.

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