Why Protein is Powerful For Losing Weight

When you look for dieting advice you tend to hear the same old thing about avoiding foods, counting calories, ditching carbs, eliminating fat.  But advice tends to avoid what is best, sure they might give you a few, boring, options but they don’t tell you why – and often they give wrong advice.

One of the worst pieces of advice that tends to get given is to try limit your protein intake.  This is wrong, pure and simple.  Not only is protein good for you but it can actually aid the weight loss.

Protein and Weight Loss

The problem many people giving weight loss advice have with protein is two fold

1)      it can increase muscle

2)      it is often associated with fatty foods

To address the second point first – yes protein is found in a lot of fatty foods.  But it is also found in a lot of healthy, lean foods.  Foods such as chicken breasts, turkey, mushrooms and more.  Protein is not unhealthy in itself and plenty of very healthy foods are packed with it.

Yes muscle can increase muscle, which if you are just trying to lose weight (rather than tone up at all) can be a slight hindrance, but also a blessing.  Muscle burns more calories than fat, even when you aren’t doing anything.  It also burns more calories than not having the mass (naturally), so having some muscle will burn more calories.

Don’t think this means you’ll end up looking  like a body builder.  It takes an enormous amount of time and effort to build that much muscle.  Cardio exercise and low weight, high repetition weight lifting will strip fat whilst developing lean muscle that will have you looking trim and toned rather than muscular.